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"Frontier Justice" by Alexandria Nylen

Alexandria Nylen, an advanced PhD Candidate in International Relations, has had a paper accepted in the very prestigious European Journal of International Relations! This journal is ranked 6th by the most recent Teaching and Research in International Politics survey. EJIR accepts only 12% of papers, and to publish there as a PhD candidate is a tremendous achievement. 

Alexandria's newly accepted paper, "Frontier Justice," was originally her Inter-Intra comp paper, chaired by Jamie Rowen and with Timothy Pachirat and myself as second and third readers. She completed it in one semester, and immediately submitted it to journals. The paper analyses US foreign policy rhetoric toward "lawless spaces" as justifications for the use of drone strikes in frontier regions of Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Nylen traces how the concept of the "frontier" as "lawless" and the association of "law" with "sovereign control" is used to create loopholes in international legal norms about where human rights law ends and war law begins.  

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