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Paul Musgrave extended coverage in the media

  • Paul Musgrave in the news: Podcast: "Why Washington can't escape the West Wing". Musgrave says television dramas can have a large influence on how people see real-time political events. He also says most people believe they are not affected by fiction, but think others are. His comments are included in the podcast about the TV show and how it has had an impact on how people think about the presidency. (The segment starts at 2:00) (Vox, 5/9/19)
  • JSTOR is featuring an older article "The Civilian Solution to Bank Robberies". Musgrave discusses the surprising story of the vigilantes who took it upon themselves to catch bank robbers in the 1920s and 30s. (Politics & History, 05/17/19) 
  • "The Missing Links: Choosing and Rejecting International Issue Linkages in the Presidential Interest" by Paul Musgrave. It's recently published in the Presidential Studies Quarterly about how presidents can use trade negotiations linked to security negotiations to drive domestic political benefit. (Presidential Studies Quarterly, 05/17/19) 
  • Paul Musgrave, writes that the current trade war between the U.S. and China leaves American higher education more endangered than its leaders realize. He says higher education exports services valued at over $45 billion annually and one-third of the 1.1 million international students studying in the U.S. are Chinese. These students are also more likely to pay full price for their education and not use financial aid.  (Foreign Policy, 5/19/19)
  • Paul Musgrave on Connecting Point about the U.S. Tariff War with China. Economic tensions between the United States and China increased recently. The Trump administration leveling stiff tariffs against China, and Beijing promising to retaliate. Find out what this tariff war means for the futures of both countries, and the world economy – as well as higher education here in America. (Connecting Point,5/22/19).
  • "IR Theory and 'Game of Thrones' Are Both Fantasies" by Paul Musgrave (Foreign Policy, 5/23/19).

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