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Political Economy

The political economy working group aims to build a stronger political economy community within our department, political economy broadly defined. Faculty and grad students circulate papers-in-progress in advance and those who attend offer feedback and critique on the paper. Over the past three years, we have organized over 20 different meetings and some of these papers have gone on to improve student and faculty conference presentations and led to peer-reviewed publications. We also invite a diverse range of political economy thinkers and scholars to campus occasionally.  

I seek to better understand the creative, contentious, and politically fraught processes that undergird the creation of new market economies and new markets more generally.  My first book, Order at the Bazaar: Power and Trade in Central Asia, is available with Cornell University Press (2017) and examines the bottom-up...Read more

Kevin Young

My research focuses on issues germane to international political economy, in particular the politics of financial regulation, transnational policy networks, and the role of private business in shaping global governance. I am particularly interested in analyzing the ways in which regulatory policy is affected by networks of elites and...Read more