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Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

A. Olson. Queer(y)ing Permanent Partnership. Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women’s

and Gender Studies, 12, Summer 2014.

A. Olson. Towards A Post-Parsimonious Political Science. Studying Politics Today: Critical

Approaches to Political Science, eds. Nancy S. Love and Mark Mattern. London: Routledge,

2014 (reprint).

A. Olson. Archiving Optimism in Agitation with a Smile: Howard Zinn’s Legacies and the

Future of Activism, eds. Steven Bird, et al. Boulder: Paradigm Publishers, May 2013.

A. Olson. Towards A Post-Parsimonious Political Science. New Political Science: A Journal of

Politics and Culture 35:3, September 2013.

Articles in Preparation

A. Olson. Resilient Like My Onions: Engendering Food Security in the Global South, in preparation for submission to Signs, December 2017