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James Heilman

James Heilman

Professional Title: 

Graduate Student


Machmer W-33E


Office Hours: 

Monday 4-5:15pm in Machmer W-33E and Tuesday 8-10am in ILC Cafe


American University, B.A. in Philosophy and School of International Service University of British Columbia, M.A. in Political Science


I am a sixth year doctoral student. My major subfields are International Relations and Contemporary Political and Social Theory and within IR I'm mostly interested in international environmental politics and international political economy. I am currently working on projects that analyze the role played by firms and industry associations in governing markets. I also very much enjoy the opportunity to work with students in courses for which I am a TA or an instructor and am happy to continue to help students with their academic or professional lives after they have completed my course.  


My research interests lie generally in international environmental politics and international political economy. I'm particularly interested in how firms and industries perform governing functions within their markets. My teaching interests are focused on developing students' critical thinking skills in both group discussions and in their writing. The topics that I enjoy teaching are world politics, environmental politics, political economy and political theory.


  • Political Science